Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4th 2017

Today has been different....to start with no photos were taken ..either too boring or too hot!!

To begin with we were quite pleased to leave the Matilda Caravan Park at Winton. It was very crowded, very untidy, very dusty and several of the available washing machines were out of order and lastly the drain pipes were blocked.. I have said my piece!!

The drive to Richmond was part bitumen road and part gravel but of reasonable quality. The country was very plain, dry with few trees and few animals and no birds apart from 2 emus. The country is known as 'black soil' country and we imagine it would be unbelievably sticky and muddy if it rained. However it is the type of spoil under which so many fossils are found. NB the bone at the bottom of the image!

An Artist's impression of Black Soil

We arrived in Richmond in time to enjoy our lunch beside the Lake Fred Tritton Recreational lake. It is a great central point for the town especially on such a hot 30 deg. day. Swans, swimmers and fisherman were enjoying the water.

The caravan park had no vacancies so we went out to the Race Course where there was water and electricity available. Needless to say we are testing our Air Conditioner.

Richmond houses the 'Kronosaurus Korner' which is Australia's premier marine fossil museum.
It is a prehistoric adventure to see so many bones from marine creatures from the bygone era of 110 to 100 million years ago. The fossils are well displayed and explained. It is hard to accept that they were all found on nearby Richmond Cattle Stations and mainly found by chance by owners and their family members.

Don't shovel your food in like that,  dear!
Last night I had some hesitation about publishing the word 'palaeontology' because  I was unsure of the spelling. Eventually I entered the word spelt without an 'a' because that was how my computer dictionary wanted to spell it. I will check further but have spelt it, this evening. the way I think it should be spelt!!

I was served with this interesting cutlery in a cafe. They appear as if they are digging tools. Great souvenirs if you are collecting cutlery...the photo is enough for me to remember them by!

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