Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 11th 2017

We were slow packing to leave this beautiful lakeside camp. The air was fresh and clear. Birds were enjoying a feeding frenzy out on the lake. There were about 20 pelicans plus ducks, cormorants and herons and even a whistling kite investigating the excitement over  breakfast!

East Leichhart River
A short walk to see  a waterhole on the East Leichhart river was quite surprising in that the banks and bed of the river were all made of rock. Cattle were enjoying a drink even though they had to carefully step their way over the rocks down to the water.

We had arranged for a spot in a caravan park this evening so re-charging our food supplies, water & diesel were high on the agenda. After lunch we were pleased to shop at a large Super- market where we could purchase all we needed. We have now decided to head north from here on the road to Julius Dam. We have not previously travelled this road so it will be interesting and I suspect rather dusty and maybe rough.

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