Friday, July 14, 2017

July 14th 2017

After two very restful days at West Leichhardt  Station we needed to be on our way this morning.  We had parked our rig under the shade of several enormous trees. A flock of Grey Crowned Babblers and a family of Apostle birds lived in the trees and were quite noisy during the daylight hours.
The drive north was interesting and most of the gravel road was good. The scenery was most striking with rocky hills, grasses and many trees including Red Gums ...eucalyptus camaldulensis obtusa which are different from the Red Gums we have in NE Victoria, Snappy Gums, a small stand of Holly Grevillia, lots of Umbrella bush which is a type of acacias. There some pretty trees with large soft silvery leaves and yellow rod flowers. I am unsure as to what they were but maybe the Candelabra Wattle. On rounding one corner we came upon a family of pigs and piglets ... those little ones could really run!!

Julius Dam Wall

We hoped to be able to camp at Julius Dam.. but that was not to be. All signs said NO CAMPING. The view of the lake from the Lookout was clear and bright showing an unusual style of Dam wall. The water from the dam supplies Mt Isa and is built on the west Leichhardt River and tributaries including Surprise Creek.
Rocky outcrop along the way.
It seemed unusual but there were two small homes overlooking the dam where we enjoyed our lunch after which we came carefully down the rather rough and steep road out into Station country again. We were unsure of a camping spot but have settled at the 'Terry Smith Lookout' which is actually a roadside parking area with toilets provided and beautiful Snappy Gums to give us some shade. There are 10 or 15 rigs camped here... we are up one end by ourselves. It is a little close to the road which is the Developmental Road between the Burke and Wills Roadhouse and Cloncurry. I am sure this will quieten at night.
I am surprised to be able to post 3 days of blog but with the help of our 'dongle' the connection is excellent.
Bustard in captivity at the Lookout over the Dam

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