Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 20th 2017

Cream Grevillea
A cool morning with a brisk breeze. We left our campsite about 9.00 am and little did we know what a rough road we had ahead of us. It took us nearly 3 hours to drive 160 kms. John was driving very carefully avoiding any big holes. There are many burnt out cars on the side of the road, one of which looked like a 'holiday rig'...such disaster.

The Robinson River country and bush is flat with open forest. It is Aboriginal Land which is also know as 'Mungoobada' . We crossed the waters of the Robinson River which were in a deep valley and of course there are warnings on all waterways to be aware of  Crocodiles.

Orange Grevillea

It was great to see several Grevilleas in bloom. Those close to the road were covered in red dust so I had to wait my chance for photography. They were all new to me but hopefully I will eventually find out their names the moment cream , orange and red grevilleas.

Some areas were lush and tropical in appearance with many 'cabbage palms' growing. Termite nests are plentiful and quite large made from 'clay' coloured earth.

Red Grevillea
There were a few horses in the bush, one single healthy dingo and a Blue Winged Kookaburra. These  northern birds have much more blue on their wings than the Victorian Laughing Kookaburra. they cannot laugh like the ones we see and hear at home, they only sound as if they are practicing and never really laugh heartily.

The last River we drove through was the Foelsche, it was flowing quite swiftly and made a great photographic topic.

After arriving in Borroloola we decided to camp in the Caravan park which is pleasantly green with space between vans. John unlocked the Jayco and with a gasp....look what has happened. To our disappointment the Microwave oven had come off its mooring and was sitting on the floor. Amazingly there is little damage..a few scrapes on the floor. The glass plate from inside the oven was unharmed. We are most fortunate that there is so little damage. I do not use the Microwave as we rarely plug into Mains electricity and could very well use the space to better advantage.

We drove toward the coast from here about 60 km and saw the Fishing Camp at King Ash Bay where there were many camping rigs and boats. Obviously fishing in the Gulf is very popular.

Tonight we ate at the only local restaurant where each of us thoroughly enjoyed a huge plate of local  barramundi. Our day is complete!  Yes, I have been speaking to Cynthia who is still resting in Alice Springs. Her recovery is gradual.


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