Friday, July 7, 2017

July 7th 2017

Red Mulga wattle
 Light rain fell during the night and the morning was overcast. We decided to look elsewhere for a more suitable camp. The track we chose led us to the dam wall which was adjacent to another much smaller camping area. There were only a few camps set up, but a long lagoon on Corella Creek offered grass covered and flat areas on the bank. Ghost Gums, Mini Richie/Red Mulga wattles, and a variety of other trees and bushes were growing nearby including a strange plant in bloom with beautiful waxy mauve and white flowers. Needless to say we soon returned for our caravan, hitched onto the truck and in a very short while were resettled. The birds here have been amazing today. We have spent several hours sitting, listening to bird calls and trying to identify each new variety....pelicans, cormorants, honey-eaters, whistling kites, water hens, herons rainbow bee eaters and more that were more difficult to identify.

Our campsite overlooking the lagoon on Corella Creek

Early after lunch rain began to fall. In an hour it cleared enough for us to explore the area on foot for 45 minutes. The day has been very much cooler which is a pleasant change. We are, indeed, much happier camping at this site. It has been easy to sit and enjoy our beautiful surrounds.

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  1. It looks like you are camped beside Corella Dam which was built for the Uranium Mine
    Thanks for the Blog