Saturday, July 21, 2018

Safari 2018 July 22nd & 23rd

Bright pink berries in the coastal bush
July 22nd 
Grey Cliff Camping Area

Looking toward the Brooms Head settlement
Today we have only moved north about 25km to camp in the Brooms Head area which has 4 or 5 camp grounds. We are at the Grey Cliff Camping area. The waves are only a few metres away. It is very noisy with 'high tide' happening at this very moment. It appears there is not a lot to do in the area apart from a long walk on the beach which we plan to do in the morning when, hopefully, the tide is low. This afternoon we walked up to Red Cliffs Lookout, which was a disappointment as the climb was so very short. However the view of the beach, toward Brooms Head was magnificent.
Mid afternoon we drove to the settlement of Brooms Head and then on to the Sandon settlement. Brooms Head had a huge clean Park for camping but I cannot say the same for the situation at Sandon. Bungalows and caravans were in a state of neglect so we are pleased to be camped further north within the National Park, where it seems tonight, we are the only campers.

We have decided to stay an extra night here and enjoy the view for a little longer.

July 23rd

Brown Quails ( a little blurred because of distance)

We have spent a second day at the Grey Cliff Camping Area not far from Lake Arragan..but still in the Yuraygir National Park. There are several small beaches but one very long one which we walked this morning. It was 2.5 km so a long walk for me when it is ‘there and back’. The sand was smooth and hard at low tide, so it was very easy to walk on. John went for another walk this afternoon, along the walking track which went through the bush. It also went across the sand bar blocking the water from Lake Arragan, which I am sure runs into the sea at times.

I have found this an interesting park mainly because of the number of birds flitting through the Banksia bushes. Most of them taking nectar from the large Banksia flowers. There are many of the tiny Regent Honeyeater as well as a few Superb Blue Wrens, Butcherbirds, Friar birds, a Sea Eagle and the quaint Brown Quails which feed on short grass and are very easily frightened. Their legs are so short making them fun to watch.

We will sleep again with the roar of the ocean in our ears and wake again in the morning with the same roar going on. It is breezy and cool outside. We wont chance having our awning out this evening. The movement all night is disturbing anyway without an awning creaking,

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