Saturday, July 14, 2018

Safari 2018 July 14th

July 14th

Trial Bay Gaol Camping Ground NP

 The day dawned clear blue again. The view from the Smokey Bay Lighthouse was spectacular. We found the steep walk up to the lighthouse was well worth the effort. It was delightful to watch a number of whales playing in the morning sun.
 Lighthouses are quite fascinating structures and invariably have an interesting history. The very well kept houses within the precincts are always immaculately white. What fun to stay in one of these homes where the Lighthouse Keeper lived with his family..especially if some friends came along to enjoy the unique situation with you.

Smokey Bay Lighthouse

 Late morning we settled into the Trial Bay Gaol Campground. It is clean and peaceful, electricity, hot water and a restaurant. We are able to refill our van with water and bank up some power in our batteries apart from running our little blow heater on mains power.

This afternoon's activity was to go on a long walk through the bush along the coast to the next little bay. It took is over varying terrain making the walk about 3km in total. The coastal bush is always interesting when it is so very different from the bush we enjoy in North Eastern Victoria.

B&B Accommodation at Smokey Bay Lighthouse

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