Friday, July 20, 2018

Safari 2018 July 20th & 21st

July 20th 
Illaroo Camp Ground - NP

The weather has been a little cooler and at one stage I thought we may have a shower of rain. We have set up in a lovely campsite with lots of room. Many people have moved out this morning but during the afternoon many new camps have been set up..the last weekend of the holidays for NSW kids.
An archway through the coastal bush
This morning we walked to the Minnie Waters settlement through the bush along an 'arched' pathway it was only 1.25 km whereas by road it is a bout 4km to the same place.
Early afternoon we drove south for about 12 km to see another settlement and several other campgrounds. By the time we returned the afternoon was becoming cool. John went for another beach walk and I was lazy staying at camp!
 Just near our camp, on the beach there are about a dozen tiny streams flowing out into the sea. They all make lovely patterns across the sand. The water is not deep and we easily walked through each little stream.

Sand patterns

July 21st,

Yes, we have had a third and very lazy day here at the  Illaroo Camp Ground. The temperature dived last night to about 3 deg this morning. It was good to get moving and have a long walk..mostly along the lovely wide beach and along a bush track..a total of 54.5 km....must be good for us! I think it will be very cool again tonight.

Bitou Bush
While we have been here we have become quite interested in identifying a coastal plant which was introduced into NSW coastal areas, from South Africa during 1946, to assist with the stabilisation of dunes after sand mining. Unfortunately the Bitou Bush is well suited to Australian conditions and has few natural enemies. It has succulent oval leaves and yellow daisy like flowers. It is growing very strongly along many of the coastal areas we have camped in. An eradication program has continued since 1990 and involves the use of several natural biologoical control agents. (PS..the flower photo has been taken from the park notice board)
Yellow daisy-like flower from the Bitou Bush

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