Saturday, July 14, 2018

Safari 2018 July 13th

July 13th
Smokey Cape Camping Area..South West Rocks

A flock of terns on the smooth smooth sand

We awoke to the sounds of waves, Kookaburras  laughing and Butcher Birds singing..what a welcome to our day.
We packed up our camp and headed toward South West Rocks. Eventually we have camped a little south of township of South West Rocks in a bush area called Smokey Cape Camping Area. It is quite shaded and the cool of the evening has come in early. We enjoyed a great walk along the beach below the Smokey Cape Lighthouse.

I think it is the widest beach we have walked on. There is very little rubbish about, probably the main thing to mar this beach are the many tyre tracks. Vehicles are allowed to be driven on most beaches but must have permits to do so. This beach below Smokey Cape has particularly wide sand so I can see why people like to drive on it.

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