Friday, July 20, 2018

Safari 2018 July 19th

July 19th 2018
Sapphire Beach Camping Park 

We walked along Sapphire beach before we vacated our spot at the Sapphire Beach Resort. We headed north along the Pacific Highway, turning east toward Yuraygir National Park which runs along the coast for quite some distance. We have camped at the northern end of Illiwarra camp. Our rig is very close to the beach and the waves will ring in our ears all night…a peaceful and constant sound. The bush backs the rear of our site. We can hear the shriek of black cockatoos in the banksia trees.


We arrived late morning and have enjoyed a restful afternoon. Apart from a drive to the Minnie Waters settlement and a late walk on the beach I have done very little except reading and stitching.
We walked the beach just before sundown.
This evening's view is quite dull with a very smokey sky. Evidently controlled burns are happening in the Park. 

On looking at the map I can see that these waters of the Pacific Ocean are actually a Marine Park. There are many rocky outcrops which would make good diving.

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