Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Safari 2018 July 18th

July 18th 
Sapphire Park in Coffs Harbour

Regent Honeyeater

We headed north from Urunga, calling at Sawtell before we reached Coffs Harbour. The day is, again, clear blue. Sawtell is a seaside settlement so we drove out to the main Lookout to watch the whales. Each day they prove to be very special to watch as they play in the ocean and spurt sea water high in the air. While we were watching I had a rare close look at a tiny Regent Honeyeater. They are a delicate little bird flitting about presumably after tiny insects and honey! One hovered quite close to me, but I was not quick enough to snap a photo so will have to gather one, of this quite rare species, from else where.

Coffs Harbour
We have come here to the Sapphire Park in Coffs Harbour. This afternoon we walked out to Muttonbird Island which was a very steep climb. The view was spectacular as we could see the beautiful Harbour with the mountains in the background. The city is situated on Coffs Creek.

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