Monday, July 9, 2018

Safari 2018 July 9th, 10th & 11th

July 9th Point Plomer

From the Ferry
 Our first challenge was to cross the outlet waters of Limeburners Creek and the Hastings River. The Ferry took us across the wide stretch of tidal water.
Of we went, heading for Point Plomer which is a camp about 40 km from Port Macquarie. The southern track up the coast was for 4WD only. The surface was gravel with many potholes. Eventually we came to a patch of deep sand which stopped us....bogged for awhile until John let some air from the tyres. Off we went again. Ahead of us were about 30 large and quite deep puddles/stretches of water, Eventually we reached Point Plomer. The trip in was challenging and I was quite apprehensive but we have eventually camped on grass in the very attractive Limeburners National Park. We are within very easy walking distance from the waves and can hear them from both sides of the point.

July 10th

Waves on the back beach of Plomer Point
Our first excursion for the day was the short walk to the Point Plomer Back Beach. We found another clean beach with beautiful waves of water creeping into every little crevice. During the morning we drove to several nearby beaches, all of which had clean beaches with rocky outcrops. Some of these rocks, I found quite never know what eco dyeing and stitch can do. A long rest in the middle of the day was very enjoyable. After this we enjoyed another walk along the beach right here where we are camped. The tide was coming in very strongly with wonderful waves...sometimes chasing us up the beach.
Our camping spot here has been great with plenty of space. Many young swimmers have been enjoying the water on their surf boards. There are quite a number of birds about including the rather noisy Rainbow Lorikeets, a single Kookaburra, Crested Pigeons, Little Wattle birds, Pelicans, Masked Lapwings, Marsh Terns, Silver gulls to name a few. There is considerable pleasure in watching birds when there is time to do so. Dingoes frequent the bush and beach here and we saw 3 of these animals today.
I was really impressed with some of the patterns on the rocks. They will have been washed with seawater every day for hundreds of years.

Amazing rock formations

 July 11th,

We decided to stay a third night at this lovely spot. Our day has been well spent. John walked back along the beach at low tide and was able to go an extra kilometer. I spent a couple of hours stitching this morning instead of walking.
After lunch we walked up to the actual rocky and bushy area of Point Plomer. It was only a short distance along a well worn path. The view from the furthest end was magnificent and we could see south to the beaches where we walked yesterday. There were a number of fishermen down on the rocks trying their luck from very high and rugged ledges....not for me!! However one of those fishermen gave John 2 Taylor fish for our dinner. I actually think they will make two meals for us with chips and salad. While out on the point we noted 3 different birds as well as a couple of whales in the distant waters. Firstly we saw a white Sea Eagle flying over the water. Then as we walked, through the bush, further along the point we found 2 Brown Quails feeding in the fresh green grass. Lastly while we were out at a lookout seat we saw a Regent Honeyeater darting in and out of a Banksia tree. The bush is much the same as we have seen all the way up the coast with beautiful Coastal Banksias dominating.
Looking south toward Port Macquarie in the distance

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