Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10th ..DAY 55

Coastal wattle
  The day began with another long beach walk. The sand had been washed clean overnight with a high tide. It was very firm to walk on. I love the way the waves keep coming in..wave after wave leaving marks one over the other. The other fact that interests me is how like sand is to snow especially on the dunes. The way the wind blows both sand and snow and how they are similar to walk in...and so it goes on...!

Travelling south on the Pacific Highway was much faster for us than the previous days of travelling along country roads. We lunched in Grafton on the Clarence River. There is a very old and narrow bridge to drive over the river. Grafton was settled in the 1830s...settled for the Red Cedar trees in the area. This 'Red Gold' attracted all who wanted to make a life in Australia...convicts and free settlers alike.

Fan Flowers

We came out here to camp on the ocean again and cannot decide whether we like camping on the coast or in the mountains. The bush here at Station Creek in the Yuraygir National Park is typically coastal and there are many wild flowers including wattle, fan flowers, banksia and flannel flowers which do not recall seeing  before.
Flannel Flowers
A few days ago John had a nasty accident with my very old mauve thongs. Consequently he went off to purchase a new pair...I now have bright green thongs to take camping.

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