Friday, August 15, 2014

August 15th..DAY 60
Cootamundra welcomes us with wattle
We left our camp at Sofala at 9.00 am and 2 deg in temperature. The days are becoming cooler as we come south. Today the scenery has been refreshingly green, in fact the properties look magnificent. No wonder the land was settled once our first explorers crossed the Great Dividing Ranges. They were so excited about the inland country.

Gold was discovered in the early 1850s around Bathurst. Settlements grew and some still remain today. Blaney, Carcour, Wattle Flat  and Safala are a few of them. Buildings in the Historic township of Safala are being renovated and cared for. It is wonderful to see this history being kept alive. Bathurst was Australia's first inland settlement and was actually proclaimed a town in 1815 and is still growing and supporting the surrounding districts.

Miners Home in Sofala
Today it is most famous for the Mount Panorama Car Racing Circuit. John drove EC around the circuit at a stately speed of 60 kph...this is the speed limit for most of the year. It is an open regular road most of the time. Some homes are only accessible by using this circuit. Within the track there is a camping ground, a vineyard and an orchard as well as some race day buildings.

EC on Mount Panorama Race Track

 The day has been interesting as usual. Cherry orchards at Young a Wind Farm at Blaney, Wattle at Cootamundra and now this evening we are camped on the Bethungra Dam. a small Lake which we presume supplies Bethungra with water. It is a cool night again but we are hopeful of another fine day. In 60 days we have  had only one day dampened with a light drizzle. It must be a record 'fine weather' holiday.

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