Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6th ..DAY ..51

Cool morning but clear blue sky. We have come south today through Dalby, Cecil plains, Millmerrin and Inglewood to Lake Coolmunda. It is a beautiful blue lake with clear foreshores. Many many pelicans form quite a 'flotilla' of yacht like shapes on the lake. Late in the day we walked out along the Dam Wall...a long way but enjoyable.

The road was not quite so rough today. Despite we have been travelling on bitumen some of it has been severely rough. The farm soil shows up very black in colour. Evidently black soil is quite unstable and maybe this causes the bitumen roads to sink in some places.

As we left Dalby we travelled by several machinery yards which were either selling or hiring machinery which was huge and plentiful,,,diggers, bulldozers, tractors, headers, graders, cotton pickers and grain harvesters. I had never seen so much large machinery all together.

The crops in the area seem to be wheat, sorghum and cotton so agriculture is a busy business to be involved in. Water appears to come from the Condamine River.

Prickly Pear plants have become more plentiful as we have driven these last three days. Today there were huge plants of this ugly pesty  plant.

Pelicans sunbathing at Lake Coolmunda
Pelicans feeding below Dam Wall

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