Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 5th..DAY 50
Burnett River near Eidsvold

A lovely fine morning...coolish at 5 deg. The rain seems to have gone. Our camp on the Burnett River was most peaceful. Before leaving we walked for 30 minutes down to the river and along some of the Conservation Park Tracks.

Our first stop was at Mundubbera to do the weekly wash..cheaper than usual at $3 a wash!
This area is dry at present but they have suffered huge floods in 2010 and 2013. Three rivers join just a little west of Mundubbera. The valleys seem wide but still homes and businesses were flooded, some in both floods. The flood debris is so high in the trees. The amount of water flowing down the river course must have been astonishing

Again I took very few photos, this time because everything looked so dry and so many trees have died,
presumably from lack of water. Trees of interest were wattles in bloom and in one area a lot of wonderful Boab trees with their main feature being the 'bottle' shaped trunk.

We travelled south for 200 km and eventually camped at the Jandowae Showgrounds for $10 per night...even hot showers. There was shade and flat ground and lots of space so finding a spot was easy. The area also doubles as a Horse Racing Track. I happily walked around the track late in the day imaging trotters and race horses doing their training runs!
Boab trees form street attraction.

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