Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9th...DAY 54

What a wonderful walk through the rainforest we enjoyed this morning. The beautiful ferns, green lichens, creepers and tall trees were awe inspiring.

Age old logs covered with green lichen
John on bridge crossing Sheepstation Creek

We left our Border Ranges camp after 11.00 am, continuing on through the park till we came out near Nimbin .. a well know town for alternative life style living. The streets were packed for Saturday afternoon entertainment of one sort or another.

Then on to Lismore which has a very old style business centre and is spread out over the hilly country. In fact the scenery has been very steep and rugged all the way to the coast where we are camped just south of Evans Heads.

Coast Banksia
We have settled in the Bundjalong N P at the Black Rocks camping site. This is a very well planned area which would cater  for a lot of people. Each small site set aside to camp in, allows you to be quite private from other campers. We even have our own private clothes line! The beach is wide with a row of black rocks along the dunes. We walked for a long way watching the Pacific Ocean waves come in one after the other. We will hear the roar in our ears all night I would think.

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