Monday, August 4, 2014

August 3rd…DAY 48

What a great day exploring the Kroombit Tops National Park. The Lookout, then the Liberator Bomber Site and now we are camped at The Wall camping Ground. It is a peaceful park with some birds and flowers. Rainbow Lorikeets en-mass flew by our camp this morning and this evening a small flock of Red Tailed Black Cockatoos all screeching their unique call. All types of cockatoos have a particular screech. It does help with identification.

Beautiful Betsy wreckage
The ‘Beautiful Betsy’ Liberator Bomber Crash Site was very intriguing to walk around. Debris is widely scattered and appears to be in the same position as it landed at the time of the crash in February 1945. A World War 2 disaster! The plane could not be found at the time despite all efforts to locate it. The lives of six American crew members and two English RAF guests were all killed…eight war time airmen were lost. It was not until 1994 that the plane wreckage was located unexpectedly by a Park Ranger who was doing controlled burns. I cannot imagine the shock he would have received to come across such a wreckage. Since then there has been a detailed memorial Plaque placed in amongst the debris as well as detailed notice boards telling the story.

Another view of the wreckage of the Liberator Bomber

Our campsite surrounded by Sydney Blue Gums

The bush country is open with 
many tall straight trees. There are a couple of wattles blooming as well so the bush appears green and yellow like the NE Victorian bush does  in Spring time.

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