Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4th…DAY 49

A grey day with mist and cloud..the first day for 7 weeks when it has misted/rained all day. Consequently I took no photos.

We left our camp on Kroombit Tops at about 8.30 am. It was best to drive this very rocky and rough road before the rain started to become heavy. As it was we came out very slowly before any heavy rain. The Lookout spot provided internet connection which was helpful in planning our day and doing my blog.

The distance down to Monto was 80 km…a very slow windy and rough track. The first 22 km took 1.25 hours. The fog dissipated a good bit as we progressed down the mountain. After leaving the National Park the road took us through Private Property with lots of gates to open. The country was extremely dry, all buildings and yards were old and neglected.

The road followed the Munholme Creek which at some stage had been severely flooded. The debris was high in the trees and the many Callistemon trees growing in the creek had a severe lean which had been caused by the swift flowing water.

We are camped tonight in the Tolderodden Conservation Park which is situated on the Burnett River west of Eidsvold. Again the flood debris is high in the trees. It appears that the water was about 35 metres above the bridge. I cannot imagine such an amount of flooding water.

Today we came through a district called ‘Cynthia’…it was nowhere near as smart as either of the two Cynthias in our family!

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