Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 8th…DAY  53

Our first stop this morning was a visit to the Warwick Art Gallery. It was easy for me to compare the city of Warwick with Wangaratta. We have a Textile Festival every 2nd year and a Jazz Festival every year whereas Warwick combine a Jazz Festival and  Textile Festival each year. ‘Jumpers & Jazz in July’ has recently finished but I was able to see the 'Knitchen' Exhibition. The local ‘yarn bombing team’ had transformed a kitchen into a 'Knitchen' by knitting covers for a whole kitchen..I love the name!

Items from 'Knitchen' exhibition.

I really expected that we would have another night in Queensland but today we crossed the border into NSW a little south of Killarney…definitely not green like it’s name sake. 

The road through the hills was bitumen and incredibly rough..I was very pleased when the road surface changed. However it was good to be ‘amongst’ the Great Dividing Range again. The farmlands were very steep and in some areas very dry but as we have come further east it appears there has been more rainfalls.

Camping in the Border Ranges National Park 
We had a couple of disappointments with camp sites this afternoon and eventually set up in the Border Ranges National Park. It is a very dense bush area which allowed only a little light to come through at 4.30 pm when we arrived.

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