Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12th..DAY 57

Our coldest morning so far at .03 deg. We found the country, coming out of the hills, east of Armidale to be very dry. The grass appeared to be severely frosted. South of Armidale it gradually became greener.

We have had an interesting day again. Armidale is Australia's highest city at over 1000 metres. It was first settled during the early 1830s after the earlier exploration  by John Oxley and his party who were the first white men  in the area. Gold was found during the 1850s.

The city has several most ellaborate churches. The University was founded in 1938. John's Auntie Madge lived and worked at the University for many years. Much of the city is heavily influenced by English style.
 A detour from the New England Highway was to visit the All Saints Anglican Church at Gostwyck . This small chapel was built in 1921. It has avenues of Elm trees which were planted all that time ago. An expert was brought from England especially to plant these Elm trees. Madge was married in this little chapel in 1967 so we were especially interested to see this very attractive historic church. It has a glory vine growing over a large part of the brick walls. This is green in the Spring and red in Autumn which would give an entirely different image to what we viewed today.

All Saints Anglican Church Gostwyck

Historic Gostwick Chapel showing Elm trees.
This evening we are camped in the Lake Keepit State on the edge of lake.

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