Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 12th 2017
Beautiful wattle near the water's edge

Evening view from pour van 
We said good-bye to Broken Hill soon after 9.00 am. The morning was clear after a mild frost. It only took us a short  while to drive east to Menindee Lakes where we have camped on the west side of the lake quite close to the water. The country in this area is quite barren with undulating sand dunes. Emus were the only creatures we saw apart from a Kangaroo that crossed the road in front of us. Unexpectedly her joey jumped from her pouch in the middle of the road. We slowed to a stop. Mother kangaroo came to a halt and young joey jumped back into his rightful place. The joey was small with gangly legs and would have found it difficult to jump the remaining few metres across the road.

Spring is coming as many daisy bushes bloom

After lunch we drove around the lake but there are few campers..a pity really as the weekend is warm. We walked for 30 minutes along the edge of the lake, enjoying the few birds that were enjoying the water. Late in the afternoon a message came through from Beth & John to say they were also camped on the lake. We were unaware that their plans had changed as ours had!

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