Friday, August 11, 2017

August 10th 2017

A warm and very windy day. It was hard to leave our sheltered camp spot. Yes, we did see and hear trains on the line, mostly freight trains but one passenger train..The Indian Pacific..what fun those passengers will have all the way to Perth.

Corrugated building which houses the Museum of Radium Hill
John was hopeful of visiting the site of the Radium Hill Mine where radium was first found in 1906. However we were unable to make phone contact with the landowner where the site is. John did speak to the owner of Tikalina Station which we needed to drive through, and she was most helpful and allowed us to go as far as the Homestead where the Museum for Radium Hill is housed. It is quite a well kept display of historical reports of activities within the mining township as well as the mine and the men and women who worked there. This visit gave us more information and will encourage us to begin our arrangements earlier,  and hopefully gain permission for entry, before we plan a trip up/down the Barrier Highway.

The last kms to Broken Hill were easy driving on a very good bitumen road. The landscape is mostly flat and arid with some hills and trees.

We have camped in the Broken Hill Tourist Park which, is thankfully, very clean. We visited the Information Centre so we can plan our trip home through NSW.

Me with my lovely daughter
Cynthia and David have come up to Broken Hill as part of a short trip in Outback NSW while Cynthia is recuperating. We met them late in the day for a long 'catch-up' and enjoyed a delightful meal together at the Royal Exchange Hotel where they are staying. It was so good to see Cynthia well on the way to recovery. It also gave us the opportunity to thank David for all the care he gave Cynthia during her rescue and transport to the Alice Springs Hospital.

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