Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 7th 2017 

The 4 of us left Marla by 9.00 am and headed south down the Stuart H’way. It was fun to travel with Beth and John again. Generally speaking the country is flat with only a few hills. Often the vegetation was sparse, but the  all plants growing, looked healthy. There must have been a shower of rain during the last few months. Mulga trees were the most common but other plants such as yellow cassias, red hop bush, blue/green of the salt bush and green of the mulga bushes made a delightful garden show. We are fascinated that all the new bitumen has been surfaced with crushed 'red rock'. It blends with the scenery so very well.

Red Red Road..taken through Toyota windscreen.
Closer to Coober Pedy the colour in the mullock heaps is, of course, the colour of the earth..white to pale cream and many variations of tan, orange and rust all toning together. There are hundreds of mullock heaps so there must be many miners still digging this earth in search for opals.

After finding a very well stocked IGA Super Market and doing my shopping, we had lunch and continued on our way arriving at a roadside camping area that we have camped in before. It is 30 or 40 kms north of Glendambo. So here we are under a clear blue sky amongst the Western Myall trees. It feels as though we could have quite a cold night. Our fire is alight with camp oven roast lamb cooking. Yum!

Later...Yes the lamb was delicious and we all enjoyed it with a glass of red wine!

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