Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 6th 2017

After 11 hours in bed we both woke early and were up and ready to leave our camp by 9.00 am. The Stuart Highway does not have a lot of interesting points of interest. We checked out where others had camped and admired the lovely Cassias in bloom by the road side. Of course the bitumen road is in excellent condition. Upper most in our minds is a meeting point with Beth and John Harrison—our friends from ‘way back’ Late morning we stopped at Marla which has a Roadhouse, cafĂ©, caravan park, Restaurant, swimming pool, laundry etc. We decided to book in for the night and hopefully the Harrisons would catch us tomorrow.

June, John, Beth & John eating out at the Marla Roadhouse

We were just getting settled when John Harrison appeared and then Beth of course. We do not see one another often so it is a fun reunion chatting about our rigs, roads and trips. Tonight we plan to dine here together and possibly travel together tomorrow.

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