Sunday, August 6, 2017

August 4th 2017

Off to a good start after the temperature dived own to 1 deg by 6.30 am. We were glad of our generator and little heater.

The sun and a clear blue sky soon warmed the day to about 18 deg. It took us 1.5 hours to drive, on an excellent road, to the Curtin Springs Roadhouse . Yes, they have room for us in the 10.30 am tour of the paper making factory. In fact we were the only two participants so we had a very personal tour from our very little Japanese girl called ‘Maya’. She was competent at her job so we were able to ask whatever questions we wished.

Stirring the grass pulp

Flower heads and seeds to be used in the paper making process

The Papermaking process has been set up in an old abattoir building which allowed for water to drain and provided a good wash-down area. The paper is made from grasses and a few other products collected on the property.....kerosene grass, kangaroo grass, spinifex spikes, mulla  mulla flowers, cow poo, red clay or sand,  bark, flowers and seeds. The native grasses are harvested by hand using a pair of secateurs, a hessian sack and the knowledge of the Curtain Spring lands and grasses. We actually made an A5 sheet of paper while we were there. The paper is suitable for an endless array of uses. My immediate thought is to use some in bookmaking. I was able to purchase quite a few pieces so we will wait and see the results. The gallery displayed many creative ways that the paper could be used including  pendants and earrings.

We enjoyed a hamburger at the Curtin Springs Roadhouse then drove slowly on to find a camp for the night. On the way we called at the amount Ebernezer Roadhouse. This was a complete surprise for us. The Imanpa Aboriginal Settlement is nearby. Those residents who are interested in painting, work in the Art Room at the Roadhouse and display their work in the Gallery. The Roadhouse is very nicely operated with a café, small shop, a dining room and a gallery where the art work is displayed so very artistically. Once again, I was tempted to buy a couple of items. I met the young Imanpa lady artist who painted one of the items that I purchased. She was pleased to speak to me and brought her small daughter to meet me. This same lady has painted the tops of the Restaurant tables as well as the doors in the toilet. She is a careful and creative artist.

We have enjoyed our ‘creative’ day and tonight we are camped by the side of the Lasseter Highway at a Truck Stop.

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  1. Interesting to find paper making at Curtain Springs,Great to see the proccess.Glad all is going well.Mt Hotham is on track to have adump of a metre of snow this weekend.