Sunday, August 6, 2017

August 03rd  2017

What a privilege we have had today! We both walked the Rim Walk of Kings Canyon. The walk is 6 km in length and we took exactly 3 hours. Words are difficult to find when describing this natural formation of nature. It has taken millions of years of weathering, growth and change to appear as we saw it this morning. I found it to be sensational and inspiring  for the colours, the shapes, massed rocks and the special feeling of being amongst all the age old natural formations…enough said. I do hope that all of ‘my readers’ will make the opportunity to climb and walk around this amazing formation. Don’t be put off by the very steep climb to actually be able to walk around the rim. This first climb took us 30 minutes to complete. I was glad of my hiking stick and my sturdy shoes. When we first set out, the sky was completely clouded but very soon we realised the sun was out and by the time we had returned to the car park the sky was clear.
Red Red Rocks of Kings Canyon

The afternoon was spent driving, quite slowly, along the Luritja road which allowed us to enjoy all this magnificent country. It leads down to Lasseter Highway and then out to the Stuart Highway. An interesting program at Curtin Springs is the making of paper. We are still hoping to take part in a tour but have not been able to contact the Roadhouse.

June & John walking the rim of Kings Canyon

This morning, at Kings Canyon Resort the temperature went down to 1 deg and already, with a clear sky at 4.45pm there is a nip in the air. We have camped by the road side amongst the Desert Oak trees and John has collected some wood to make a fire, primarily to cook some steak for dinner...a celebration of a great day. The Desert Oaks are gently whispering in the breeze. They are distinctive trees and very pretty to camp among. 

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