Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 9th 2017

I felt sad to be leaving Beth and John this morning, but they chose to enjoy another night at Quorn. The town has delightful old buildings which have been restored or kept in good condition. Last night we had our evening meal at Emily's Bistro which has been operating for 7 years but prior to that it was an Emporium for many many years. This would have been a large shop which catered for many needs, ranging from clothes, shoes, kitchen equipment and food...'you name it'. An important shop in such a remote rown. Today's decorations were quaint with many old boxes and tins displayed with old fashioned labeling.

Our main aim for the day was to reach the Barrier H'way and travel toward Broken Hill. John was keen to go 'across country' and drive through the hills and farmland areas. We actually saw many deserted farms, old dilapidated homes and dry country with acres of salt bush growing. Eventually we came into cropping country where wheat was showing green in the paddocks...presumably wheat and presumably there had been some rain. We found several ideal sites for camping on the Boolcunda and Yanyarrie Creeks. There were a few cattle and sheep but what a tough life for them.
Golden wattle

We drove over a high pass and stopped to walk up to the Black Rock Lookout. There were Mallee Gums which are large and strong mallee trees. The other bush was a very highly perfumed Golden Wattle bush. Apart from many hawks hovering over the fields we only recognised two types of birds..the very striking Lincoln Ringneck parrot and the Mulga parrot with its many colours.

Tonight we are camped along the Barrier Highway between Olary and Manna Hill. We have settled in a dry creek bed in between the rail line bridge and the highway bridge. The rail takes trains from Broken Hill to Port Augusta including the Indian Pacific Train. Both the rail line and highway are the main connecting links between Sydney, Broken Hill and Perth with southern connections to Adelaide from Port Augusta....You wont believe this but just as I am typing a very long freight train went over the bridge with a long whistle toot for us camped down below on the creek bed. We are probably in for a noisy night with trains and trucks.

Our van between the rail line and an old and new bridge

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