Saturday, August 5, 2017

July 31st 2017

Ochre Pits
After a windy night while a cold front went through the West MacDonnell Ranges we awoke to a 6 deg morning. Our day has had some plan changes but we have enjoyed the Ochre Pits and Ormiston Gorge, where we are camped for tonight. The Gorge itself has a wide sandy beach and clear green water. Prior to lunch we decided to drive to Glen Helen, the 2 Mile Camp in the Finke River and the lookout for Mt Sonder, which is a majestic mountain at the most westerly end of the Larapinta Trail. Our lunch time arrival at Glen Helen,  quickly made us alter our plans to lunching at the Resort Cafe….a pleasant change from regular salad, sandwiches and rice rolls.

The camp area here at Ormiston Gorge is nearly full this evening. It has basic facilities and is dusty under foot. It is unusual that there is a daily kiosk which is very popular. Red Gums, Bloodwoods and Mulgas are the most common trees. The  little red and black Mistletoe bird has been very active because the infestations of mistletoe are large and there are many of them.
There has been a little R&R to complete the day and sausages with salad are on the menu tonight.

Mt Sonder

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