Friday, August 11, 2017

August 11th 2017

During the night John had the good idea for us to spend another day in Broken Hill. Years ago we spent time in this mining city but there are many new developments since we visited.

Outback Dunny 
Firstly we visited the Super Market in order to cater for the last few meals before we return to Milawa. I had packed our lunch ready for a trip out to Silverton. Off we went, travelling west for about 25 km. We visited two Art Galleries which proved to be very entertaining....some artists have the ability to weave a great sense of humour  into their work. One item was an Outback Dunny which had a brightly painted door with a sign which said 'NO ENTRY FEE' and a second sign saying DANGER - OPEN HOLE'. If you look carefully you can see under the door there are 2 strategically placed feet with boots on!

 Lunch time was upon us so we drove another 10 km to the Umberumberka Reservoir where we sat in a small picnic area looking over the water which was really very low. This lake was initially made to service the mining industry in the area. The country is undulating and very barren. The road curves through low hills and advertising for Silverton and the Reservoir features this statement..beyond 39 dips. It was rather like a 'switch-back' railway.

After returning to Broken Hill I went to the Regional Art gallery for 40 minutes or so while John spent time in the local ARB store. The exhibition featured at the Gallery was the '2017 Pro Hart Outback Exhibition' It was an exciting display which I really enjoyed. The winning entry was superb! The Regional Gallery is housed in a beautifully restored old Emporium which was opened as a gallery about 10 years ago.

The evening has become quite cool after a warm and sunny day. Tomorrow we plan to travel a short distance south to Kinchega National Park with the hope that the warm weather continues.

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