Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 1st 2017

Ghost Gum Lookout in Ormiston Gorge
Another great day in the Australia Inland. We woke to hear very strong winds but no rain only clear skies. We continued with our plan which was to climb up to Ghost Gum Lookout  and continue along the Ghost Gum walk which returns to the Camping area via the gorge. The views were spectacular and the wind very strong. I have skied in such winds but this was a little different with spinifex and red rocks to edge the pathway. The last section of the track was over very large rocks which were challenging for me with short legs! We completed the walk in good time.

With our ‘pack up’ finished we left Ormiston Gorge with a call at Glenn Helen, again, to fill the rig with fuel and water. Today I was able to tune into the free Wi-Fi which enabled a broken chat with Anneshka. She and John are now back in Peru with EC22.

By lunch time we were at Redbank Gorge. After a quick lunch we set out for the water hole at the top of the gorge. It took us a surprising amount of time because there were large rocks and sand to  battle through. Again I must say that climbing large rocks is not easy. However we did reach this very attractive narrow gorge and water hole. We were here about 20 years ago and I remember little about the walk along the dry river bed. The main thing I remember is that a member of our party stripped her clothes to the bare essentials and dived in, only to find the water was very chilly. The water today appeared green with algae.

Straw Necked Heron In Ormiston Gorge

From the riverbed there is a second path which leads off toward the summit of Mt Sonder..this is the final step of the Larapinta Trail. Cynthia and David did this climb leaving camp for the assent at about 3.00 am with the aim to see the sunrise.

We are both weary this evening, but we are making plans for an early departure as we will travel the Mereenie Loop which is over 200km of gravel road.

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