Sunday, August 6, 2017

August 5th  2017

Late last night, unbeknownst to us, a cyclist arrived and set up camp a short distance from our van. We both had a short chat with him. He was a South Korean fellow. He had spent 30 years in the South Korean Army and was now, in retirement, he is exploring the world on his bicycle. Yesterday he had ridden 170 km from Alice Springs and was heading for Uluru today which is over 200 kms. Next was south to Adelaide and then Melbourne..what a ride. He spoke very little English.

We have had news from Beth and John Harrison who seem to be going is a similar direction to what we are. We are hopeful of meeting them but as yet have had no message or call. I had good service at Erldunda where the Lasseter High’way  meets the Stuart Highway . After that we have had very little service ….only Roaming WiFi.

Blue Bush in flower
Lunch was enjoyed under a small tree on the road to Finch about a km from Kulgera. We watched cattle being herded by two guys on motor bikes. When they were done they both took off after an emu which seemed to out smart them. PS we accidentally left our van step in the sand near the cattle yards!

We crossed the border soon after Kulgera and found a roadside camp early in the afternoon. The clouds in the sky have disappeared with no rain in sight but probably another cold night.

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