Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August 16th 2017

We had the first rain for our 9 week safari. It seemed to rain nearly all night. At Deniliquin there was a good fall because we could see a lot of roadside water as we travelled eastward. Paddocks were quite flooded in places. When we arrived in Milawa the gutters either side of the road were full of water and to our amazement our garden was flooded and 2 ducks had taken up residence. They looked very contented catching their afternoon nibbles from our lawn. But weren't we lucky to have so many dry days with a clear blue sky while we were away.
Our home lawn flooded

John had arranged to go via Rutherglen to do a small task for his niece, Angela, at All Saints Winery.
This did not take long so we wandered around All Saints and enjoyed the lawns and gardens. The display of iceland poppies was most attractive. I have not seen poppies for a very long time. Angela had booked a table for us to have lunch at 'The Terrace' Restaurant. This was delightful..a special change from my regular holiday 'cut lunch'.

We are home this evening sitting in front of our home fire. It sounds wintery outside with rain still falling. The winter has been severe while we have been travelling. Frosts have caused a lot of damage which is disappointing but hopefully plants will re-shoot when Spring comes.

The van has had everything removed from it...cupboards, drawers and refrigerator have all been cleaned out. The mess inside the house has now to be tidied and the van cleaned. and the clothes washed. It will all gradually happen.

We are most thankful for a warm and dry, healthy and safe holiday. Now after a few days John has mapped out our trail of over 10,000km.
Our trail for Safari 2017

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