Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 10th camped near Mt Holland

Travelling today has been slow due to all the water holes we have had to negotiate. Some were very deep and others very slippery. Because of our excellent drivers we have not had a bogging incident. We only travelled 85 km for the day of 6 hours driving.
The bush still continues to amaze us all with variety and colour. Quite a few areas have been burnt,
some areas have low bush, some areas are dominated with flowers. We have seen a number of lovely wattles and some new eucalypts to identify.
Desert areas often have dead acacias which have dried and look much like woven baskets. They have inspired me to stitch. During the last few days we have seen more of these 'acacia baskets'.
The weather is fine, cool and windy this evening.

Dead  'Acacia basket' near a small bog hole 

A small piece of textile art inspired by an 'Acacia Basket'

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