Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 13th

After camping near Lake Corycup we awoke to the calls of young lambs and grey butcher birds.
This was the last night on the Holland Track. It has been an interesting and challenging trip.
The last 30 kilometers we travelled on well made roads through farming country. The wheat crops look wonderful as do the canola crops. Bushy roadsides still created a lot of interest.
At last we came out on a bitumen road a short distance north of Broomehill. The journey was over and we did feel a sense of achievement despite the fact that there was one section of the track we could not travel because we were told it was closed. It has been difficult to find out whether the track was closed or not. The north section of it was so muddy that it should have been closed to traffic as vehicles only worsen the condition. Once we had committed ourselves it was nearly impossible to turn back and there were no other tracks available to turn on to for better conditions.

Southern entry to Holland Track

Late morning we arrived in Katanning to do washing and to visit Woolworths Super market.
We had arranged to visit Heather and Robert Fergie late in the day. They live near Kendenup with a magnificent view of the Stirling Ranges. They own a small farm with 3 wonderful fenced bush areas.
Robert works with Western Australian timber making the most beautiful furniture.
Heather teaches at the local Primary School. They cooked dinner for us and we had a fun night together.
EC was parked at their front door so we were able to watch the sun rise over the silhouette of the
Stirling Ranges.

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