Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 24th and 25th

We are spending the weekend here at the Cape Le Grande National Park. It has easy access because of sealed roads. This also makes it a popular weekend destination for people from Esperance. Saturday was the first sunny day in the area after 2 weeks of rain. The temperature is in the mid 20s so good for camping and enjoying birds and flowers. We have had several walks over the 2 days..either on the beach or along the very rocky coast line. The views are spectacular. The smokey blue 'smoke bush' is very evident in the coastal bush along with coastal Banksias.
We stayed for 2 nights at Lucky Bay and now we are here in Le Grande Bay for a single night before we head back to Esperance to meet our travelling companions. We also have internet connection here.

Hellfire Bay

Looking into Lucky Bay from Granite Coastline walk

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