Monday, August 5, 2013

August 3rd..

The days are warm although the mornings are quite cool with our coldest today at -04 deg.
We continued travel through the Queen Victoria Spring Conservation Park. Despite this park is so far west
it is still considered as part of the Great Victoria Desert. Much of it has been burnt by wild fire.
It is recovering well with plants and trees showing wonderful new growth, in fact the new Spinifex bushes
look so fresh and healthy, We enjoyed a walk to a Streich's memorial cairn across the sand dunes for 1.3 km.
Lunch was enjoyed among flowers and bushes. We continued for a short time and then set up camp early in the afternoon. Time spent relaxing at this flat sandy area surrounded by Marble Gums was much appreciated. Marble Gums are really beautiful eucalypts which have glaucos type leaves and an amazingly marbled trunk. Another very attractive eucalypt is the Boorabin Mallee which has brilliant orange coloured buds. I have collected a few leaves from the trees we have been able to identify. My plan is to dye fabric with them on my return to Milawa.

Marble Gum

Boorabin Mallee

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