Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5th & 6th

The highlight of our 150 km. drive into Kalgoorlie was the beautiful trees..with trunks the colour of deep copper, copper/green, black, cream and some with black butts. There were those with single trunks and the
Mallee trees with multiple trunks.
Mining became obvious as we neared the town with the colours of the soil and gravel in the mullock heaps proving quite inspirational. Luckily we have found a camping park for two nights.
Kalgoorlie is quite a clean town with wide streets featuring many of the old buildings of the early 'Gold' days. Hotels feature on many of the street corners. Mining adds an obvious background to every day life. This week there are 2000 visitors in town to attend the 'Dealers and Diggers' conference.
Our main focus has been on shopping for food and other necessities, washing and drying clothes and some time out from driving. EC had to have some mechanical work done this morning.
Both nights we have walked a kilometer down Lane St to have dinner at the Albion Shamrock Hotel...quite a pleasant change from eating around a camp fire.

Paddy Hannan Statue
Patrick "Paddy" Hannan was a gold prospector whose discovery on 17 June 1893 near Kalgoorlie, set off a gold rush in the area.

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