Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12th

The roads have been a joy today...smooth gravel roads, some bitumen which still follow the Holland Track as closely as possible. The roadside bush has still been varied and interesting with Grevilleas, Hakeas, Eucalypts and many more. We were lucky enough to see a wonderful broad leaved eucalyptus tree, with a glaucous appearance on stem, nuts and leaves. I wonder whether it will dye silk fabric!!

We are actually travelling through the 'Wheat-belt' of WA. The wheat and canola crops look fabulous so I hope the remainder of the season is kind to farmers. The whole area has had good rains. The crops stretch over very wide acres bright greens and bright yellow of the canola flowers.

The Lincoln Ring-neck parrot is very bright green in colour and has been crossing our path in pairs, fours and flocks..a great change as we have seen few birds.

The weather is cold with snow forecast for the Stirling Ranges. We have camped very close to the Holland Track near a salty lake in Chinocup Nature Reserve. It is quite sheltered and we have a clean wire fence to hang our washing on.

Eucalypt Tetragona commonly known as the Tallerack Gum

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