Friday, August 30, 2013

August 29th

After spending nearly 24 hours near the Rail Line we have seen 10 freight trains go by..some in an easterly
direction and others in a westerly direction. They make a lot of noise in the night!!

We had camped in the same spot as we did some years ago while travelling this road. The Gimlet trees are a
real magnet. Soon after reaching Zanthus we turned south on the track to Balladonia. It was quite an easy
track for 40 kms as it had been maintained by a mining company. From there on for the 80kms it deteriorated. However it was dry, which was a bonus after all the mud we have seen.
John had a 'collecting' day as he picked up a good gas bottle on the roadside, then further on a several lengths of rope. It appeared that there had been a bogging experience for some travellers although the road and surrounds are bone dry now. There were great scourges in the road and through the trees near the road.  Evidence of jacking a vehicle, filling the bogs with branches and even a broken surf board were obvious. In a tree we found a 'make-shift' winch made from a branch and wide strapping.
We are camped in plain grey scrub Gimlets in sight although we have seen some magnificent
examples along the way. We also saw the Boorabin Mallee trees coming into bloom which was great as earlier when we saw them they were only in heavy orange bud.

Boorabin Mallee tree in bud and bloom

An interesting orange and black lizard.

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