Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 21st

 We have had a very happy day exploring St Mary Inlet in warm sunshine. This morning we walked for 2 hours and this afternoon for 1 hour so I am weary this evening. The flowers and views from the beach and coastal dunes are so interesting with large variety of flowers and bushes. We even came across the end of the Rabbit Proof Fence at Point Ann. It is now rusty and out of comission.
The most spectacular part of the day were the whales...surely St Mary Bay is a Nursery for Mother whales and their calves. Their were up to 20 of these wonderful creatures floating in the sea..blowing sprays of water and showing off their tails and fins. Binoculars were put to good use.
Prickly Dryandra

A visitor to our camp site
There are a lot of campers in this park tonight..probably whale watchers!

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