Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28th

A day of sunshine and showers. Our first stop was at Kambalda which is a mining centre near Kalgoorlie. We drove to the top of Red Hill to see the most magnificently wide view of the area. The huge salty Lake Lefroy is 510 square kilometers in size with some areas of dark red sand and others of white salt.
Onward to Kalgoorlie where we took the road east along the Trans Continental Rail Line. Bitumen for several kms then the muddiest red road which consequently covered our vehicles..what a mess and no water at hand!!
The bush actually looks wonderful because of the recent rains. Everything has a strong green colour and many bushes are in flower..particularly cassias and wattles.
 The road has followed the line and in five hours we have seen five freight trains. We have set up camp near the rail line west of Zanthus so we may wave to more train drivers before we leave in the morning.

Hop Bush

Mulla Mulla

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