Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11th

A little more rain in the night. Today we travelled 40 km in 4 hours..what a slow trip. The bush, again, was varied and lovely with many flowers of every variety. The water holes were even deeper and seemed more slippery. The Prado and EC have both performed well. We did tow the Prado and trailer for a short distance because the Prado became stranded on a middle bog hump. Everyone has become weary of water and bog holes. Eventually we came to the main Hyden/Norseman Road.
It is hard to explain the variety of bushes, flowers and trees...some we can identify but most we cannot..a beautiful 'toothbrush' Grevillea was easy to find today. We also found a wonderful small eucalypt mallee tree with deep maroon coloured long flower buds on it. John did a search on his Euclid computer program and was told there are 47 other eucalypts with the same style flower bud.. He actually narrowed this particular one down to 'Eucalyptus Incerata'. Some blooms were showing..beautiful cream delicate flowers.

A brief visit to Wave Rock was enjoyed but very commercial and different from what we have been through!!
Beth & John have now departed west and we have come south. We plan to meet again in a couple of weeks.
We are camped in at Flat Rock Nature Reserve some distance south of Hyden and surprisingly there is internet connection.
EC going through mud holes..taken by Beth in the Prado

June at Wave Rock

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