Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 7th..Holland Track

A visit to see the 'Super Pit' where gold mining still continues within this massive hole.
The trucks and graders at the bottom of the pit look like 'match box' toys. Again the colours on the mullock
heaps impress me with their soft beauty.

The Holland track beckoned us to travel south west. We drove through Coolgardi which is an old mining area but has not produced gold since 1963. Gimlet trees have dominated the roads sides along with a few other eucalypt varieties. We stopped to explore Gnarlbine Rock which is huge. Further on we stopped for lunch at Victoria Rock which is even larger. Victoria Rock is named after Queen Victoria..both rocks are extensive with small 'tarns' or water holes on top.The water is amazingly clear.

 The road is much easier driving then we had imagined so we have been able to camp earlier than anticipated. We are in a bush spot with many small gimlet eucalypts about us. It is a very warm evening again.

'Super Pit' Kalgoorlie

Victoria Rocks

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