Monday, August 5, 2013

August 4th

Quite a long day of travelling with warm weather and now an evening breeze. We are camped in the bush along side the Nippon Highway. The bush was similar all the way out of the Queen Victoria Spring Reserve.
The variety of trees is amazing, many are in bud or just beginning to flower.
We came out of the Reserve and onto the Nippon Highway at Argus Corner.There is mining happening in this area NE of Kalgoorlie. Presumably because of this, the road was much better and of a normal width.
We stopped at a water tank and windmill and chatted to a truck driver who had stopped to have a quick wash to rid his face of dust. He was the first person we had seen for 3.5 days. It is quite remote in this part of Australia. It was the first windmill we had seen for a similar time. The water was clean so a hot shower will be enjoyed this evening.
I still love windmills after seeing so many on outback stations.Many times I have used their familiar blades in my textile work.

Water collection camp near Nippon Highway

'Windmill'..tiny textile work inspired by outback windmills

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