Monday, July 4, 2016

July 1st, 2nd & 3rd  Lawn Hill area

Crossing the Gregory River 
The road north to this area was along a gravel road and through bush made up of Silver Box trees (eucalyptus pruinosa) All the bush appeared to be a  blue grey colour because of the large glaucous leaves of these trees. Other trees such as Snappy Gums were interspersed giving different shades of green. We met an older guy who was pushing a small cart diagonally across Australia. He has already walked north to south and east to west. He must have great stamina!

Crossing the Gregory river was beautiful with fast flowing water and tropical growth.

South of Lawn Hill we stopped at Riversleigh Tourist Site. This is one of the most significant fossil sites in the world and the richest know mammal deposit of fossils in Australia. Remains of unique Australian prehistoric animals from the last 25 million years have been preserved in limestone outcrops. The limestone was once mud which lay at the bottom of the rainforest pools and lakes. It has preserved the remains of animals, birds, reptiles,, frogs, fish and insects.

We had booked a site for our rigs at nearby Adels Grove. During this week there is an official Dig taking place at the Riversleigh Fossil Site. Luckily Professor Mike Archer who is in charge of the Dig gave a presentation at Adels Grove during the evening. He is a very knowledgeable and capable presenter. We learnt a lot about the importance of this area.

The following morning July 2nd dawned warm and sunny.  Washing dries in a couple of hours. For me it is a time to relax and try to hunt away this cold I am suffering.
There is internet connection in some spots of this camp so we are reading and sending emails and eventually I will post this blog. Again we listened to Mike Archer speak in the evening.
Another blue sky today on July 3rd. We celebrated Geoff’s birthday all day…presents, cake, singing and dinner out this evening.

This afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful cruise up the Gorge of Lawn Hill Creek. The boat had a very quiet electric motor running from solar panels on the roof. It was a very calm trip which took one hour total- up and back along the beautiful deep waters of the gorge . The driver and tour Guide was an excellent guide and operator and we learnt such a lot of new info...whether I will retain this new knowledge is unlikely!
Along the Gorge of Lawn Hill Creek

John and I have now been able to identify a new mallee tree which has been puzzling us. We eventually had to ask the experts at the reception desk. The Silver Box trees or eucalyptus pruinosa have beautiful large glaucous leaves. They are quite dominant around the park and general bushlands in this top end place. On first seeing them we thought they were Blue Leaved Mallee trees. 
On the last night at Adels Grove we listened to a lady speaking about 'bats' both in Australia and around the world.
Silver Box tree

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