Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 19th
The day dawned fine, warm and windy with black clouds to the south. It took only a short time to reach Hughenden. Along the way we had a last peep at Porcupine Gorge..yes another steep  and rocky climb but very much shorter this time. It was an interesting roadside stop because of the grave of Mailman Corbett . There was a short memorial to him. Evidently he delivered mail to local stations but, sadly, one night while he was camped at this site he was ambushed by aboriginals who speared him.
Grave of Mailman Corbett

 Hughenden to be quite a spread out township which was able to cater for all our needs. We are
camped in a parking area overlooking the Flinders River which is the longest river in Queensland and actually flow out in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The rain is following us with a very heavy storm mid afternoon. Evidently the town had 5 inches of rain last weekend. It is a very wet year for campers on safari. I am not sure where we will go from here as many roads have been closed since we used them over the last few days.

I am pleased to have good internet connection here and have been able to email and ring our family. We are pleased to know that Cynthia & David have successfully completed the Larapinta Trail along the West Macdonell Range near Alice springs. They are feeling very pleased and happy that they have been on such a wonderful walk about 230 km in distance. They were able to walk the distance in 14 days..up hills, along crests through gorges and creeks with temperatures ranging from about 28 deg to -3 deg...Well Done Cynthia and David a very special achievement - an experience to remember!

This evening we had a tasty meal at the local Chinese Cafe which has been operating for 32 years.
The theme of windmills is quite obvious around the town. There are several creative and  interesting sculptural works most utilising windmill fans but one artist has collected junk for an artistic impression of a dinasaur!

Darby the Junkasaurus

Rotunda featuring windmill fans at each end

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