Friday, July 15, 2016

July 13th
Last night’s camp site was OK apart from a poor Shower facility with a cold shower and from very inconsiderate neighbouring campers who  ran a noisy generator very close by.

Geoff and Eileen are going down to see the Undara Lava Tubes which we have already seen.
We are going east to Atherton and Lake Tinaroo where I hope to make contact with Elizabeth
 Desailly who is a cousin whom I have not met.

We took a cross country gravel road to reach Atherton. It was pretty but rather difficult driving. It is 
fascinating to note the various names for creeks. The most startling one we noted was ‘Earwacker 
Creek’ would this have been named??

Late morning on reaching Atherton we went to the IGA Supermarket where we spent a whole hour. 
It is the largest and most comprehensive supermarket we have seen. The variety was astonishing.

My luck was in because I found Elizabeth at home. She is a younger sister to Barry and Roly
Desailly, both of whom I have met, in fact we saw Roly in Hay a few weeks ago. By chance, both 
Elizabeth’s brothers were staying with her. She invited us for delightful.

We booked into the Caravan Park near Lake Tinaroo Resort where Elizabeth now lives. This was very convenient for washing clothes and a general clean up.

At 5.00 pm we went around  to meet Elizabeth. What a lovely lady who welcomed us with open arms and a very warm heart. We had a super evening with my 3 ‘Desailly Cousins’. They are not close cousins but carry the name my mother carried..DESAILLY. My great grandfather Edwin Desailly was a younger brother to their great grandfather Francis Wisdom 2nd. Their family consisted of seven siblings so there are a lot of cousins. I know very few of them.

Barry, Elizabeth, June and Roly

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