Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 5th
 This very warm day has gone quickly. The Gulf country is unusual for us with mangroves, crocodiles, mosquitoes and sand flies.
The morning was clear and still, with the most beautiful reflections on the Nicholson River.

Morning reflection on the Nicholson River
We drove around the Aboriginal town of Doomadgee which was quite tidy and well cared for.
We travelled about 100km east to Burketown which we found to be a very well cared for town with green lawns around all the central areas.

Eileen had a message from our friend Caroline to tell us that her brother was currently in Burketown. We had his email address so very soon we were in contact. Richard and Pru had been camping near the mangroves on the Arthur River but had moved to the main camping ground in the town. Off we went and soon found them.. so that was a bit of fun to catch up with people we know. They are keen anglers who had been fishing for barramundi. Everyone tries to catch a barra! Geoff has purchased some for us so we look forward to a lovely fish meal.

We had intended to camp near the Boat Ramp on the Arthur River but it appeared to be rather dry,  hot and unshaded so we moved out of town and found a more shaded place on Pear Tree Creek.

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