Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22nd & 23rd Theresa Dam

Hooray ..a clear sky today. Unfortunately there are still Road Closures  which are preventing us doing some of the things we would like to do such as visiting the Carnarvon Gorge and the Blackdown Tableland National Park.

Prior to reaching Clermont this morning we saw an enormous number, maybe 2 or 3 hundred brolgas on a fallowed field. The stalks of the last crop were thick so we wondered what crop had been harvested ..maybe maize or sunflower?

A lazy lunch was enjoyed under the trees in the gardens of Clermont while we decided which direction we would go. John became very frustrated trying to find a road open. Eventually we decided to go the short distance out of Clermont to Theresa Dam where there is a very large camping area.
Looking across Lake Theresa Dam
There are a lot of caravans and rigs already here at the dam but still plenty of room for us. We settled in for a lazy afternoon of reading, stitching and a walk around the park. There are many birds about, some of which are very friendly. A miner bird insisted on taking some threads from the fraying fabric of my chair and 2 Rainbow Lorrikeets were close enough to photograph.

Geoff and Eileen cooked a wonderful roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings. The meal is up to me tomorrow evening!

A cheeky Rainbow Lorrekeet sitting on my leg.
Saturday July 23rd .
After deciding to stay her another night we have had a very lazy day in 27 deg with no wind and a clear sky.

Geoff and Eileen returned to Clermont to find a Laundramat and visit the local IGA store.
We sat outside our rig in the shade..reading, sorting eucalypt leaves from the Iron bark trees as well as a little stitching.

The meal we cooked this evening was OK and everyone said they enjoyed it. John cooked a piece of silverside which has been in the refrig. for awhile. It was cryovaced and kept very well. with a range of vegies and some Milawa Mustard, the meal was quite enjoyable.

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